be HR Software Product Features

be HR

Reduce HR processes by securely storing all employee data, including documents, in one place, with reportable fields and an advanced search tool. Build branded screens, produce organisational charts and benefit from an accurate, comprehensive employee directory.

be Engaged

Powerful interactive data collection that everyone in your organisation will want to use. Cut out paper trails, manage holidays and make documents available at the click of a button. Save time and money while always being in control.


be Informed

Perform critical functions easily. Query any field and receive triggered reports that are delivered straight to your inbox while keeping sensitive information secure. Stay one step ahead with Bradford Factor analysis, easily audit reports and prioritise workflow.

be Efficient

Functionality that delivers unparalleled efficiency in a flexible solution that is designed to standardise HR processes across your business from start to finish. Streamline operations, introduce best process management and control how you collect employee data by role.

be Absence Aware

Monitor and measure the cost of absence on productivity by recording the right information at the right time. Ensure standards across your organisation are consistent and keep a check on morale. Reduce the risk of litigation.

be Talented

Seamless performance management with all the functionality you will ever need. Never miss company targets or goals with smart tools that identify skills gaps, produce reports and build training plans to drive forward company-wide objectives effectively.

be HR Software Product Features

be Recruitment Smart

Make the process of managing the authorisation and creation of a vacancy a quick, efficient task with a tool that simply manages all the recruitment actions you will ever need. Reach the right candidates at the right time with functionality to authorise and create a vacancy that will engage the talent you want to attract.